Mishkin Productions Australia

 For the testing of this Super8 Blimp I chose to shoot a roll, at 18fps and 24 fps, in a typical room without any sound deadening material available except for carpet on the floor.  The camera blimp was placed 5ft from the actor who was standing in front of a stone fireplace.  Sound was recorded via a MiniDisc recorder.

The results were amazing!  No camera noise was discernable.

 This blimp was designed specifically for a Canon 814.  The eye piece is viewed through the hole in the case.  All the controls can be utilised by opening the case between shots.  The first liner is adhesive tar paper from any stereo shop.  The second liner is a lead nylon.  The third liner is sound deadening foam impregnated with lead.  To fill the gaps I used matress stuffing compacted into pantyhose.

 This is the blimp closed.  Notice the remote control that one can attach to the tripod handle to control start/stop of the camera.  The blimp still uses the typical tripod shoe.  Exposure can be discernable through the eye piece.

 The finishing touch is a leather cover secured with velcro straps.  This takes care of the metallic vibration noise that persisted during tests.  It is also worth noting that this blimp is heavy, near 7 kilo's including camera.  A medium weight tripod is suitable for use.

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