Mishkin Productions Australia


Director:          Gareth Blackstock

Female Lead:      Yvette Kane

Male Lead:        Ben Evans

Camera:           Steve Bathurst

Music:             Daniel Rodrigues

Writer:            Helen Davies

Film Technical Details:

Super8 Tri-x Black & White, and K40 Colour.  No dialogue, soundtrack added.  Two edited versions, 5 minutes and 10 minutes.  A condensed version can be viewed below.  The film was shot using two Sankyo CM300 cameras.

Shooting occurred over four days in the Dandenong Range east of Melbourne, Victoria.  ‘Puffing Billy’ of Belgrave were kind enough to let us use their train in the film, as were ‘Parks Victoria’.

The film was processed and transferred to MiniDV by ‘Film Plus’ of Melbourne city.

Story Outline:

The film was adapted from a short story of the lead character losing her child to cot death while a storm rages around her remote house.  The film script follows this and expands the role of the husband, who is returning from work that takes him away for weeks at a time.  The lead, Yvette Kane, distinctly feels more remote and alone as the Storm bears down on the house.  When the electricity is disconnected by the Storm, she lights candles to allay her building unease.  Then, with a candle she goes to check on her child who may be frightened by the lightning, only to discover the babies death.  As she carries the baby to the lounge, sitting on the couch singing lullaby’s, we see her husband boarding the earliest train home.  As his train starts it’s journey, we return to the lead to share memories of her once happy family.  Interspersed with shots of the husband and train, we see her brought nearer to the harsh reality that her life, their relationship, will never be the same again.



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