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Film related literature
Below are just some samples of books available free to download and read from www.archive.org.  The books available on this page are in PDF format.  For more choices on format, or to browse through all of the books available, please follow this link.  Another online resource of free books, follow this link.

The Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film is intended as a standard reference work in the field of
film studies. Designed to meet the needs of general readers, university students, high school
students and teachers, it offers a comprehensive and accessible overview of film history and
theory with an American emphasis
a novel framework for engaging with (and unifying) the small-scale product of Australia's (post)national industry is achieved — an industry which, since its inception, has struggled to create a niche for itself domestically.


Australian Cinema After Mabo.pdf Australian Cinema After Mabo.pdf
Size : 2318.409 Kb
Type : pdf
André Bazin, film critic, theorist, philosopher, and humanist wrote a series of essays between the years 1944 and 1958, before he died at the young age of 40. The majority of them were anthologized in their original language in the four volume set Qu’est- ce que le cinéma? Selections from these four volumes were trans­lated by Hugh Gray and presented in two English volumes: What is Cinema?
Bazin_Andre_What_Is_Cinema_Volume_1.pdf Bazin_Andre_What_Is_Cinema_Volume_1.pdf
Size : 8834.328 Kb
Type : pdf
Bazin_Andre_What_Is_Cinema_Volume_2.pdf Bazin_Andre_What_Is_Cinema_Volume_2.pdf
Size : 10048.095 Kb
Type : pdf
By the mid-1960s, the likes of Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, and Claude Chabrol had changed the rules of film-making forever, but the French New Wave as such was over. This guide reviews and analyzes all of the major films in the movement and offers profiles of its principal stars.

French_New_Wave.pdf French_New_Wave.pdf
Size : 1146.381 Kb
Type : pdf
A collection of early American Cinematographer Magazines free to read or download.  Makes for fasinating reading about early camera technology, techniques, and developing ideas of the trade.  

To view more magazines, follow this Link

americancinematographer13-1933-12.pdf americancinematographer13-1933-12.pdf
Size : 4048.702 Kb
Type : pdf
"It does a good job explaining the basic physics of light and color. It teaches you the basics of what you need to know in order to shoot on film and a lot of the information translates to digital cinema as well. It’s all information a budding cinematographer should know so check it out. It comes in both PDF and EPUB formats."

kodak_essential_reference_guide.pdf kodak_essential_reference_guide.pdf
Size : 4302.363 Kb
Type : pdf
This book is intended for developing colorists who aspire to master the art and
engineering of serious color grading. It incorporates information and techniques
that I’ve found useful during my career as a colorist of narrative and documentary
colour correction handbook.pdf colour correction handbook.pdf
Size : 6054.728 Kb
Type : pdf
What distinguishes Jamie Miller's contribution to the discourse is his approach to the material and his range of topics. He tips his hat to the traditional or "totalitarian" school, which emphasizes centralized control of the film industry, while pointing out his disagreement with certain aspects of that view.
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This pocket-sized publication provides up-to-date and easy-to- use information about all KODAK Motion Picture Camera Films and several related subjects. We designed the book to help you choose and order the right films for your needs and to help you use the films most effectively. The guide is divided into five major sections for easy reference.

This book takes the student and novice screenwriter through the storytelling process- from conception, to visualization, to dramatization, to characterization and dialogue- and teaches them how to create a dramatic narrative that is at once short (approximately half an hour in length) and complete. Exercises, new examples of short screenplays, and an examination of various genres round out the discussion.

Tells the story of the major inventions and developments in the cinema business, its institutions, genres, and personnel, and they outline the evolution of national cinemas round the world--the varied and distinctive film traditions that have developed alongside Hollywood...With over 280 illustrations, a full bibliography, and an extensive index, this is the buff's ultimate guide to cinema worldwide.

The_Oxford_History_Of_World_Cinema_Compact.pdf The_Oxford_History_Of_World_Cinema_Compact.pdf
Size : 6088.34 Kb
Type : pdf

"Filmmakers must not only make great movies, but in order to prosper, modern moviemakers must now master crowdfunding, internet marketing and social media.
To help you succeed as an independent filmmaker, I collaborated with nine other prominent filmmaker thought leaders to provide you with a complementary filmmaking Action Guide on how to survive and thrive in this ever changing industry."


The-Modern-MovieMaking-Movment.pdf The-Modern-MovieMaking-Movment.pdf
Size : 1531.714 Kb
Type : pdf
The Big Picture is the new visually-focussed free film magazine that goes beyond the borders of the screen to reveal cinema's unique power to entertain, inspire and connect to each and every one of us.
The_Big_Picture_Magazine_Issue_3.pdf The_Big_Picture_Magazine_Issue_3.pdf
Size : 4603.254 Kb
Type : pdf

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