Mishkin Productions Australia



Director:           Gareth Blackstock

1st AD:            Tom Mc Cathie

Female Lead:       Lana Schwarcz

Male Lead:                    Tom Mc Cathie

Sound:              Karen Craven

Crew/Stills:            Karen Craven

Music:              Daniel Rodrigues

Writer:             Helen Davies

Film Technical Details:

The film was shot on 100D Super8 film and privately funded.  A condensed version of the film can be viewed below.  The film was shot using a Canon 1218 and a Canon 814 Electronic set on 150 degree shutter.  Shooting took place near the town of Kyneton, Northern Victoria, Australia on private properties.  The film was shot in six days over a month.  The film was processed and transferred to MiniDV by Spectra of California, U.S.A and Nanolab of Melbourne, Australia.

Many thanks to Lana and Tom for great performances, and contributing also to the style and method in which the film was shot by offering much constructive input.  Many thanks to Karen for tirelessly setting up, dressing the sets, taking MiniDV footage, and helping solve problems.  Many thanks also to the owners of the cottage for repairing and letting us use the property, not forgetting the owners of adjacant properties for allowing our entry. 

Story Outline:

The  film "Eve’s Song" is about a woman, Eve, in country Victoria who lives alone on a small sheep farm, set in the picturesque landscape of Victoria's north during the 1920’s.  A wandering farm worker, adept at travelling for food and shelter, arrives at Eve's property seeking work and perhaps the chance to stay longer, as the days of walking are getting harder and longer.  While both characters are capable of surviving alone, it is an uneasy arrangement they arrive at to work the farm together, whilst maintaining their fierce independence.

A main aspect of the film is to portray the bleached nature of the Australian bush in the height of summer, and the manner in which early Australians survived and cooperated in times of need.  There are very few lines of dialogue, there are no love scenes, nor passionate arguments.

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