Mishkin Productions Australia


Director:          Gareth Blackstock

Female Lead:      Vanessa  de Largie

Male Lead:        Giovanni Bartuccio

Narration:         Eleanor Ruth

Music:             Daniel Rodrigues

Writer:            Helen Davies

Film Technical Details:

Super8 K40 Colour.  No dialogue, soundtrack added.  Two edited versions, 5 minutes and 10 minutes.  A condensed version can be viewed below.  The film was shot using a Sankyo CM300 camera  with a Canon C-8 Wide Converter lens, and a Canon 814 Electronic set on 150 degree shutter.

Shooting occurred over six weeks, one day per week, in the Dandenong Ranges, Frankston, Mornington, St Kilda, Rowville, Maroondah Dam, Brighton, and St Andrew’s market in Melbourne, Victoria.  ‘Parks Victoria’ were kind enough to let us use their properties in the film.

The film was processed and transferred to MiniDV by ‘Film Plus’ of Melbourne city.

Story Outline:

The film was adapted from a short story about a woman who learns she has a terminal disease, just as she has finally finds the love and sole mate she has been waiting for.  The film portrays this story by merging memories with recollection, until the line between them is blurred.  As the script is poetic in structure, the shots were taken in line with ‘montage’, without following the strict methodology, they were instead used to produce a ‘dreamlike’ feel to the lead characters reality and memory.  In so doing, this enables her to make a promise to her lover that death will not separate them forever.


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