Mishkin Productions Australia


Director:         Gareth Blackstock

Rebbeca:         Carolyn Rogers

Marcus:           Daryl Scobie

Mother:           Leown Russel

Camera 01:       Irena Zilberman

Camera 02:       David Morton

Writer:           Helen Davies

Film Technical Details:

Super8 K40 Colour.  Dialogue, soundtrack to be added.  The film was shot using two Canon 518 cameras  with a Canon C-8 Wide Converter lens.

Shooting occurred over several weeks, one day per week, in St. Kilda, Camberwell, and a variety of non-cast locations,  Melbourne, Victoria.  Unfortunately the film was never finished due to funding problems, despite almost half of the script having being shot  A condensed version of some key shots can be viewed below.

The film was processed and transferred to MiniDV by ‘Film Plus’ of Melbourne city.

Story Outline:

The story is of the character "Markus" and his seemingly tragic life.  He has lived a life of misery, pain, and anger.  Instead of trying to overcome his environment, as many people attempt, Markus is kept from such self-realisation by his very nature, and episodes of delusion.  Two characters in his present, "Rebbeca" and "mother," attempt to guide his actions to asuage the anger that threatens to lead him to death.  Markus' confusion about the existence of these characters, inevitably, leads to his demise.  Only at that point does he realise the tangled illusions and deceptions of his mind had lead him along the only road he could have chosen.


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