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Note: There are many old types of film for sale on popular auction sites.  Although seeming to be bargains, they can sometimes require specific processing that labs may not offer.  Check THIS site prior to purchase, or contact your local lab.

Artist FilmWorkshop 

Based in Melbourne, many years of experience working with 16mm film.  Contact Brice at: sorryfilms@gmail.com 

or visit their facebook page: 


Orwo UN54 100asa 100Ft @ $45
Orwo N74 400asa 100Ft @ $45

Based in Clifton Hill, Melbourne, specialises in film stock sales and scanning motion film, 8mm to 35mm.

  Contact: contact@memorylabfilm.com 

or call on 0421 322 514 

Sells large range of negative colour Kodak stock, some B&W, and some Reversal stock.  Sells in either 100ft daylight spools, or 400ft on core.  Visit the website for a full listing of stock and prices.


West Pennant Hills, Sutherland & Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia.  Efficient and reliable lab, specialising in small format film.  Offers frame by frame film transfer and film accessories. 

Sells 16mm reversal films:

Tri-X B&W 100Ft  price upon request 

Ph. 1300 850 383

KODAK Melbourne, Australia. 

Sells Full range of negative stock and Tri-X.  Download the catalogue of available films HERE

Sells 16mm Negative & Reversal films:

Vision3 200T 100Ft @ $63.80, 400Ft @ $ 237

Vision3 500T 100ft @ $72.60, 400ft @ $261

Vision3 50D 100ft @ $61.60, 400Ft @ $228

Vision3 250D 100ft @ $63.80, 400Ft @ $237

Tri-X B&W 100Ft @ $74.80

Phone Kodak Australia on. 1300 456 325 To purchase film select option 2, then 3.


Melbourne 16mm Reversal Processing
Via Artist Film Workshop member:

-Recommended by Nanolab-
Black and White Reversal 100Ft. @ $40
Colour Reversal 100Ft. @ $50

Melbourne 16mm Negative Processing
Via Artist Film Workshop member Brice at:


-Recommended by Nanolab-
Black and White Negative 100Ft. @ $45 
Colour Negative 100Ft. @ $45

Neglab  Sydney, Australia. Ph. 0409 928 117

Processes colour negative, ECN-2 stock only.
Colour Negative 100Ft. @ $38
Download Price List Here: 
2.1 Neglab Price List 2016.doc 2.1 Neglab Price List 2016.doc
Size : 225 Kb
Type : doc

DVD INFINITYSydney, Australia.  Ph. 1300 850 383

Processes kodak Tri-X 100ft.


Memorylabfilm.com  Clifton Hill, Victoria

100ft HD resolution @40
100ft 2.5k resolution @$50
100ft HD resolution @$40

Output to H.264 ProRes 4444, DPX, or custom.
Uncompressed frame by Frame scanning.
See the website for more complete details, or 
refer to "Australian Super8" in this website for more listings of Australian film transfer companies.

Artist Film Workshop

Melbourne based artist run group with film lab facilities.  Offers workshops and screenings. 

Video & Film Solutions

One of many American film labs offering processing services.


Very informative website covering many different types of 16mm cameras and film production, a must see for novice and pro's.

Jesse Taylor Smith

A local Film maker utilising 16mm in music videos and short films.

16mm Adventures

A interesting website/blog about many D.I.Y aspects of 16mm film.


Interesting site, downloadable 16mm camera manuals, plus information on cameras.


 -Eclair cameras link 01
 -Eclair cameras link 02

Very useful sites covering the Eclair camera

Du-All Camera

Website selling variety of replacement batteries for 16mm cameras

A large website devoted to an enormous variety of cine subjects, from discontinued stock, to lenses, to film archiving to cine history, types of cameras and film formats, in fact everything!


Phillipine based lab coveing all aspects of 16mm and 35mm film processing.

Pavan Deep

Interesting site detailing personal assesments of some popular 16mm cameras


Interesting site covering a sampling of popular 16mm cameras.

Super 16mm Inc.

 A New York business offering conversions from 16mm to super 16mm, among numerous other services.


U.K based store, sells drive belts for many types of 8mm and 16mm film projectors and also bulbs. Good pricing and fast delivery.

The Bolex Collector

Very helpful site covering all things 16mm Bolex, specs, ebay links, articles and tips.

Very informative site with a large resource of information

Comprehensive site specialising is sales of all types of film cameras and equipment.

A website specialising in film archiving.  The above link contains information on various manaufactureres date codes on film edges.  Quite handy!
              16mm RUSSIAN CAMERAS                     
2008-krasnogorsk-3-manual.pdf 2008-krasnogorsk-3-manual.pdf
Size : 274.979 Kb
Type : pdf

Kinor Guide

Very handy site about Kinors and disassembling one.

Foley's Film School

An informative sight detailing how to load a Krasnogorsk 3 or K-3 camera.

Kinor 16 CX-2M 

A very informative Blog detailing the famous Russian Kinor camera and footage shot with one.

Olex Services

A renowned 16 & 35mm Russian camera repair and service person.  Website also contains lots of information on these cameras.

         Krasno film and Co.

A interesting French site with great tips and information for the modern film maker.


An absolute must see for film makers seeking to use or update their Russian Krasnogorsk 3 or K-3 camera.

Auto-loading K-3

Fascinating video of a K-3 auto-loading, previously never seen or attempted!


Website detailing the Russian 16mm camera kinor.

Very interesting and humourous website, lots of very good info for beginner and experienced K3 users, a must read!

Kinor-16 Common Issues

An off shoot site of "Olex Services" detailing with pictures some
issues to watch for when maintaining Kinor 16mm cameras.

Pentovar 16 Lens user manual -Polish.pdf Pentovar 16 Lens user manual -Polish.pdf
Size : 632.573 Kb
Type : pdf
Pentovar lens user manual.output.pdf Pentovar lens user manual.output.pdf
Size : 168.102 Kb
Type : pdf

Russian camera blog, good info on the Pentaflex camera

Basic instruction page on applying lubricant and general "look over" of a Pentaflex camera.

A popular site for starting research into the little known camera. Useful links and history of the camera.

Website detailing a private collection, handy info on Pentaflex

Very informative site about Pentaflex AK16, detailed info available via translated site.

Contains a technical information doc on the Pentaflex 16mm camera.  An English translation can be downloaded HERE 

Jeff L'Heureux

Film director, used two Pentaflex 16mm cameras to shoot a feature on FujiFilm.  To view, follow LINK.  There is also a press kit with interesting details of the 
production. Download HERE

                     16mm RESOURCES

16mm Projection and film Supplies

Australian based company offering parts for projectors and film.

Tobin Cinema Systems

An American company, since closed, that specialised in synch motors for film cameras. 


Enormous resource relating to Australian film making, covering all aspects.

          ORWO Film Stock

The home site of ORWO motion film, lists suppliers and current 16mm products.

         The Film Centre

F.A.Q's for commonly used 16mm cameras

Kodak Motion Cameras: 16mm

Very informative page detailing modern 16mm cameras

Motion Picture Film

Wiki list of film formats, 8mm, 9.5, 16, 35, and 70mm


Website listing over 3000 cameras and projectors.

Pentax Forums

A very handy site containing information and reveiws on M42 thread lens


A website detailing Kodak film numbers and respective chemical process.

Whitehouse Audio Visual

Film camera accessories, from new battery packs for CP cameras to sales of cameras and lenses.
          D.I.Y 16mm PROCESSING and                                 REPAIR
           Digital Truth

A great website with an enormous amount of information in regards to D.I.Y film processing.

Cameraquip Australia

Melbourne based company specialising in 16mm film camera rental, repair, and service.

Developing B&W Reversal film

A forum on Photo.net detaling great info on developing reversal.

Ken Paul Rosenthal

A website detailing alternative aspects of developing film, includes processing instructions.

"The Movie processing Page"

An archived website with lots of information on D.I.Y film processing -a must see

Beginners Guide to C-41 Processing

Very helpful site detailing the processes and chemicals for home developing.


Link to a site detailing D.I.Y processing as well as other handy 16mm information

DIY Cinefilm Workflow

A website detailing a film makers success with developing different types of film.

Retro Cine

An American website selling kits for processing film.


Link to a repair and service blog maintained by a qualified cine camera technician covering common 16mm cameras

Movie camera manuals

Huge selection of user and repair manuals for many 16mm cameras

An Itch To Scratch

A collection of articles detailing the various methods and recipes for D.I.Y film processing.


Handy blog detailing D.I.Y repair of Arriflexs' most common issues.


A very handy tool for planning a shoot , large or small.



This link will direct you to the Kodak website of worldwide film labs, from 70mm to 8mm.  Simply complete the fields to see your local labs contact details and what services they offer.

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